Ron Bratt

Ron Bratt has dedicated his life to instilling debate skills in the youth.  He does so because he has witnessed how it enhances their growth intellectually.  Ron has been integral to building high school and college debate programs to help students learn practical skills that will benefit and enrich their lives.


Ron Bratt and Catholic University Debate

Ron Bratt has attained exceptional success in the competitive debate circuit.  He began the Catholic University Debate program in 1998 and in its first year it made it to the finals of the American Debate Association.  By the year 2001, the program had thirty members and was classified number one in the National Debate Tournament rankings.

Catholic University Debate, directed by Ron, attained many other successes.  Later in 2001, the team won two national titles including the American Debate Association Varsity Championship and the Cross Examination Debate Association Novice National Championship.  Two short years later the team won two other national titles and proved that the teach program used by the program was of the highest tier.